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Laboratoires d'Anjou commitment

2015-12-21 Print

Founder Carole Fousse spent 15 years with L’Oréal, including seven with the La Roche Posay dermatology laboratories.

Working alongside dermatology physicians during those years convinced Carole that skin can be weakened by time (events and weather), treatments, and mistreatment. As a result, skin suffers from imbalances and imperfections.

Skin health is not just a cosmetic question. Healthy and beautiful skin at any age is part of one's body image and psychological well-being. Both men and women today strive for health over a longer life, including healthy skin. In fact, after reaching 40, more and more people are turning to aesthetic medicine.

Over 300,000 aesthetic medical procedures a year are carried out in France by dermatologists, aesthetic physicians and plastic surgeons. (17.3 million esthetic medical and surgical procedures worldwide in 2009)


The 3 most common aesthetic medical procedures worldwide:

1. Botulinum Toxin

2. Hyaluronic Acid

3. Hair removal by laser.


The 3 most common aesthetic surgical procedures worldwide:

1. Liposuction

2. Breast Enhancement

3. Blepharoplasty


Carole realized that classic cosmetics are content to offer customers the appearance of healthy skin and youth, but do not incorporate techniques to combat aging skin and/or to promote facial beauty. Classic cosmetic techniques fail to address and integrate aesthetic-medical needs.

That has changed. Carole left L’Oréal to launch a new enterprise and a line of well-researched products that would perform both cosmetic and skin care roles. That's why she started d' Anjou Laboratory and a complete line of Cebelia healthy skin care products.

Why the name d' Anjou? - Anjou is the French region where people are the healthiest, as marked by their long and happy lives.

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