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CEBELIA Expertise

2016-12-03 Print

Scientific research in the field of skin cosmetics, Partners for developing innovative technology

To enhance the technological aspects of our products, Laboratoires d' Anjou relies on specialists (medical experts) as well as on French research teams (INSERM, etc.) working on topics in our target research field. The objective is to develop and patent innovative agents that will be effective in treating damaged skin.

For the first time, it has been possible to demonstrate and patent a peptide fragment of Laminin-5 that can replace its absent or deficient native counterpart. It has been cited in an article in Nouvel Observateur for its real, demonstrated effectiveness. This peptide is a component in the L.C.E, Balm. With its immediate biological action it reinforces the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (DEJ), accelerating tissue repair.

This product is an integral part of the basket of treatments used by practitioners. With an appropriate dose of the same patented peptide as before, we have been able to 

demonstrate in only one month of use a smoothing and remodeling effect on the shape of the skin using CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Ageing Cream to attack facial imperfections.

A result of INSERM research, the Reinforced Depigmenting formula is based on Pekaline, a patented agent. This agent acts on two levels:

1. on PKA, which is responsible for producing the enzyme tyrosinase, and consequently on the production of melanin which is responsible for skin pigmentation;
2. on the PH of melanosomes, thereby disrupting their activity. It is melanosomes that transport melanin to the skin's surface layers.

Through its fundamental action, this agent disrupts melanin production on two levels and helps eliminate spots..

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