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CEBELIA offers

2016-11-23 Print

A global approach: Health, Beauty, Well-Being, Vitality, Prevention, Repair...


CEBELIA cosmetics are designed to meet the specific needs of skin weakened by time and/or medical and aesthetic treatments. It is for women and men who want to stay young and healthy longer, with two objectives:

  •  Preventing and slowing premature aging of the skin by intensive stimulation of its natural repair mechanisms and total daily care from cleansing to treatments. 
  • Prolonging the results of medical and aesthetic interventions and thereby allowing the skin to recover better. In fact, in terms of global Derma-Aesthetic Skincare, a local skin treatment always goes hand in hand with a specific cosmetic to compensate for the side effects of the intervention or to reinforce its benefits. Thus, the skin regains its integrity in the shortest time possible.

For each product in its range, Laboratoires d' Anjou is committed to:


Synergy of effective and patented active ingredients

In close collaboration with The French Research Institutes such as INSERM (French National Health and Medical Research) Laboratoires d'Anjou have developed innovative patented active ingredients such as the Laminin 5 peptide fragment which is one of the components of regenerating creams or such as Pekaline for the Reinforced Depigmenting. The objective is to meet the needs of aesthetics prescribers and their patients. Associated with them are natural active ingredients: glycerine from plant matter, almond oil, phytosqualane (olive oil), linden, camomile, blackcurrant, and horse chestnut that have been selected for their properties and for their excellent cosmetovigilance to minimise the risk of allergy.


Comprehensive adapted skin health care

CEBELIA products have multiple properties: cleaning, deep cleansing, prevention, repair, hydration, regeneration, anti-Aging, masking, etc, which provide a complete range to naturally ensure vitality, well-being and the day-to-day beauty of the skin. They are thus prescribed as post-operative treatments by dermatologists, physicians, and aesthetic surgeons. This is why the notion of safety is very important for Laboratoires d' Anjou, who have developed treatments with extremely good tolerance with no case ever reported to cosmetovigilance.


Pleasure, Well-Being and Comfort

Laboratoires d'Anjou are committed to developing textures worthy of the most prestigious brands of perfume. Cosmetics must remain a pleasure, something that is desired and thereby more effective.


Day by day, the Cebelia range offers the skin comfort, well-being, health and repair in total safety. The skin calms down and regains its wonderful vitality.

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