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Esthetic Medicine

2016-12-01 Print

How Cebelia can help you with your esthetic procedures

Injection of resorbable products (collagen, hyaluronic acid):

to alleviate wrinkles and plump up lips. These products are injected using a very fine needle to firm the skin and fill wrinkles. It is advisable to repeat the procedure every 6 to 10 months as the injection lasts about 3 to 9 months.

Redness and swelling are rare, but may last from a few hours to two days. Bruising can also occur.

Apply CEBELIA LCE Balm to alleviate bruising, swelling and redness until the repair is complete. Wait for the Balm to penetrate completely and then, to prolong the effects of the procedure, you can apply CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Ageing Cream or our Comfort Cream to face and neck.

Tip: As preparation you can apply CEBELIA LCE Balm three days before the procedure. Apply it twice a day at the injection site to prepare your skin.

Injections of non resorbable products:

to reshape skin volume, and for long-lasting filling of deep ridges and wrinkles. Silicone has not been used since the 1998 change to regulations. Now there are other products on the market such as acrylate...

You generally need two to three injection sessions, at small doses. Some redness may appear immediately after the procedure but goes away within a few hours. Bruising can also occur.

If bruising does occur, LCE Balm lets you repair and soothe your skin after the procedure. After waiting for the LCE Balm to penetrate completely, apply CEBELIA Comfort Cream and Intensive Anti-Ageing Cream to help prolong the results.

Note: many practitioners advise against using these non-resorbable products.

Botulinum toxin:

eliminates or alleviates expression wrinkles in the forehead. It relaxes the forehead muscles and prevents expression wrinkles from developing. It is injected at the upper forehead into the hyperdynamic muscles responsible for forehead wrinkles, at the corner of the eye, and the lower eyelid. It can also be used to reposition the apex of the nose, and to adjust facial asymmetry. After the procedure the skin is hardly marked although some redness may appear. Skin may also feel a bit tight. After five days the results are visible. Use CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Ageing Cream or Comfort Cream to help prolong the results.


firms and refreshes the skin. This involves using a fine needle to inject into the skin small quantities of products that help the skin combat facial wrinkles and sagging. This technique can be performed manually or by using a “pistol”. In such cases the skin regains colour, tightens, regains moisture and becomes more supple. Small bruises can occur at the end of the procedure, in which case apply CEBELIA LCE Balm twice a day until the skin is completely healed. CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Ageing and Comfort Cream can help you prolong the results of your Mesolift procedure.


Hair removal laser:

emits a light that is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the hair and destroys the bulb by heat. This depilation method does not suit bronze, black or very white skin. A slight tingling can be felt when the laser hits the skin. Redness, irritation and rash may appear at the hair root after the procedure. The treated hair is usually "ejected" within 3 to 5 days of the session. This stage may last 10 to 15 days.

Apply CEBELIA Soothing Milk to the body immediately after the procedure to alleviate skin redness. Apply it also at home every day after washing until the rash disappears. Use CEBELIA LCE Balm on your face.

Tip: put CEBELIA Soothing Milk in the refrigerator to boost its soothing effect.


Peeling is one of the many techniques for skin resurfacing. It means removing a preciselayer of the external skin, to allow the remaining layer to regenerate and stimulate the layers underneath. The key indications for peeling are: sunburn, photoageing, acne, seborrheic conditions, hyperpigmentation, stretchmarks. Peeling treatments are classified according to how deep they are. To know more about various peelings treatments.

Apply LCE Balm twice a day until the skin is completely healed. To prolong the effects of the procedure, you can apply CEBELIA Intensive Anti-Ageing Cream or our Comfort Cream to face and neck.



smoothes the skin, and improves the glow and texture of facial skin. Microdermabrasion is performed using an apparatus that shoots microcrystals at the skin at high speed then vacuums up the skin cell debris. Afterwards apply CEBELIA Comfort Cream for the face to soothe and reinforce the skin barrier.


Treatment of brown spots:

the pigment laser traverses the skin without damaging it and is then absorbed by the melanin. It breaks up and then eliminates the spots. The technique generally leaves no scars and the spots disappear gradually. It is normal for a crust to form which disappears in eight to fifteen days.

Apply LCE Balm twice a day on any redness and crusts until they disappear; wait for it to be fully absorbed. After applying the Balm, moisturise your skin with CEBELIA Reinforced Depigmenting Agent to prolong the results of the pigment laser.

Tip: a “rebound” pigmentation may appear around the treated spot. Applying CEBELIA Depigmentation after the treatment can help combat this phenomenon.

Treating tattoos by laser:

the aim is to cause the destruction of the tattoo pigment particles in the skin. The tattoo is lightened gradually.

The laser impacts are uncomfortable and sometimes even painful in certain areas and can therefore require a local anaesthetic cream applied under an occlusive bandage one to two hours before the session, or a local anaesthetic injection (which causes a burning sensation for a few seconds).

After the laser pass, the skin appears bleached and pinpoint local bleeding can occur. A few hours later, the bleached areas are replaced by crusts which disappear in eight to fifteen days. Local disinfecting cream and CEBELIA LCE Balm is applied every day until the crusts fall away.

Tip: to repair and protect your skin, after leaving LCE Balm to penetrate, apply Comfort Cream orSoothing Milk (depending on the area being treated).


carboxytherapy (or carbotherapy) is an injection under the skin of sterile medical-grade CO2 using a very fine needle. Extremely soluble, the gas diffuses very easily through the skin tissue. It improves the quality of the skin and alleviates cellulite. The influx of oxygen combats ageing, revitalises and moisturises the skin, but above all it stimulates the fibroblasts to increase their production of collagen and elastic fibres. More collagen and elastin improves skin texture, suppleness and elasticity.

Apply CEBELIA Comfort Cream twice daily to reinforce the facial skin barrier and make skin more supple. You can also use CEBELIA Soothing Body Milk twice a day on the treated areas.


Magistral formula, hydroquinone:

hydroquinone is included in a magistral formula, which is prescribed by a dermatologist and prepared by a pharmacist. This treatment is one of the most efficient to fight brown spots.

Hydroquinone magistral formulas are unstable and quickly oxidize in the light. The preparation will be kep at the cool and renewed monthly.

The depigmenting effects appear from the second week and are maximal after four months. A keeping up treatment is necessary because the effect is transitory.

The unwanted effects of hydroquinone can be irritation, contact allergy, white spots were even described during prolonged uses in high concentrations at patients of phototype VI.



this involves lightening the skin colour by alleviating spots, reducing small unsightly marks and superficial wrinkles with a tightening effect on the skin by means of photon emissions (units of light) using a laser or pulsed light apparatus.

If the photons form identical monochromatic wavelengths the apparatus is a laser.

If the photons form different wavelengths (polychromatic) the apparatus is a pulsed polychromatic light (flash lamp).

Also used are LEDs with a limited waveband of just a few nanometres, a bit like a laser but delivering much lower light energy.

  • Lasers: The word LASER is an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation". A laser is a system that emits photons and therefore light. When it hits its target, with all photons in the same direction, same power and wavelength, it creates heat. Depending on its configuration, a laser can heat, abrade, vaporise or explode its target. To know more about various laser treatments.
  • LEDs: for scars, acne and rejuvenation. In contrast to lasers or pulsed lamps, the aim is not to heat the skin very quickly with very high energy but the opposite. LEDs act like mitochondria boosters: mitochondria being like the lungs of each cell. The colour of the LED varies depending on the treatment wanted: blue = acne; yellow = scars; red = anti-ageing. There are no side effects. The LED technique is relatively new, evolving rapidly and appears promising.

Radio waves:

to tighten the skin. The procedure is based on the emission of high-frequency electric waves through the skin which creates heat. This heat leads to tightening and collagen production which increases firmness. However, it is considered one of the milder rejuvenation techniques in that it does not burn. Several devices are available, some combining light with radio waves. At the end of the session, a very slight redness and swelling can appear for 24 to 48 hours. The results are visible, on average, by the end of the third session.

Apply LCE Balm immediately after the procedure to repair redness and continue applying twice a day for two days. To prolong the result you can apply Comfort Cream or Intensive Anti-Ageing Cream. If you do, apply LCE Balm, wait a few minutes for it to penetrate completely, then apply CEBELIA Anti-Ageing Cream or Comfort Cream daily.


Les Fils tenseurs:

This procedure is used to tighten slack facial tissue. Threads are implanted under the skin to correct slackness at the face and neck. They are inserted using a needle and act as a kind of velcro that catches the tissue, creating a pull.The procedure leaves no scars, although some facial swelling is evident for a few days. The results are visible immediately and last several years.

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